Urbirun London - Highlights


Distance: 12.3km/7.65mi, without Millenium Bridge (*13.3km/8.25mi with Millenium Bridge crossing)
Elevation: flat
Direction: clockwise
Parks/pedestrian: 6.25km (ca. 47%)
Urban constraints: medium
Suggested start: Westminster Bridge, at the bottom of Big Ben.
As any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for route rotation direction.

Public transportation: underground Jubilee - Circle - District lines, Westminster station

Discover London essentials, across a constantly growing city, always in harmony with the time, and but without neglecting its millennial history. You will run from Westminster Palace to Tower Bridge, passing by Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the City's streets, with the Thames as a guideline, and the charming banks of the South Shore will delight you.

* You can shorten the route of 1km by not crossing by Millenium Bridge: just go straight along the Thames, to pass the following bridges and urbirun will guide you again…

NB: if you feel unsure, check your position on the map... Be careful crossing roads, cars drive on the left

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City: London

Language: EN, FR

Content Provider: urbirun

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