Urbirun Rome - Highlights


Distance: 12.8km/7.95mi (*or 10.8km/6.7mi)
Elevation: low
Direction: clockwise
Parks/pedestrian: ca. 4.1km (32%)
Urban constraint: medium
Suggested start: Roma Termini train station
As any urbirun route, you can start whereever you want. Watch for the route direction.

Public transportation: underground, station Termini (lines MEA, MEB, MEB1)

The perfect route to discover all the wonders of ancient Rome, its millenial history, and its charming streets. You'll run from the Colosseum to the Piazza di Spagna. You will run into the biggest venue of all time, the Circus Maximus. You will also see two countries since you cannot discover Rome without getting very close to Vatican City, the smallest state in the world.

*Alternative route: you can shorten the route to 10.8km/6.7m, by continuing straight from Collosseum to Vittoriano, without passing Circus Maximus and Roman forum.
NB: if you feel unsure, check your position on the map and the track.

You can as well get the .gpx route (for example for your sport watch) of this tour here, for as low as 0.1euro/km.

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City: Rome

Language: EN, FR

Content Provider: urbirun

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