urbirun Moscow


Distance : 12km / 7.4mi
Elevation : low
Rotation : clockwise
Parks/Pedestrian : 7.5km / 4.6mi (ca 63%)
Urban constraints : low
Suggested start : Moscow Horse Armory and Kutafiya Gate (west of Kremlin) / as any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.
Public transportation : Subway 1, 3, 4, 9 / Stations : Lenin Library, Aleksandrovskyi Sad, Arbatskaya, Borovitskaya
Moscow is a real history book. This tour of the historical distrcit takes you to see the most outstanding monuments and landmarks of Holy Russia, Russian Empire and Soviet Union. You will be able to run on Red Square, whose historical images as varied as they are numerous have marked our imagination, you will run across parks, follow the banks of the nonchalant Moskva, which offers beautiful perspectives on this disproportionate huge and major city.

NB : this tour is not audio-guided (for directions) yet. Follow the track with GPS and map.

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City: Moscow

Language: FR, EN

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