Tehran City Tour


Welcome to the City Tour of Tehran. This full-day tour will take you through the oldest monuments in Tehran as well as the most important landmarks in the city. Although not all the landmarks are covered in this excursion, this tour manages to squeeze in all the must-see historical and cultural sites of Tehran into an easy-to-handle 5 and a half hour jam-packed excursion.

This tour starts at Golestan Palace, which is close to Panzdah-e Khordad Metro station on Line 1. Some of the sites are within walking distance of each other; however, for some, you need to take a taxi. We will tell you which ones as part of the tour.

We recommend starting your tour at 9 am to have enough time to see all the locations. Do not have a big breakfast as you will have an early big lunch as part of your tour.

Highlights of the tour:

Golestan Palace
National Museum of Iran
Grand Bazaar
Treasury of National Jewels
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Carpet Museum
Tabiat (Nature) Bridge
About Tehran:

Iran's capital, Tehran, is the most populated city in the country. With over 8.7 million people living in the city and 15 million in the metropolitan area, Tehran is a cultural center as well as the center of the Iranian society. Its unique location keeps Tehran mild in the spring and the fall, with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters.

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City: Tehran

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