Budapest tour
Hello! We are pleased to welcome you to Budapest, one of the main capitals of Eastern Europe. You may be surprised to learn that the city was formed in the eighteenth century by the merger of Buda, Obuda and Pest, three cities each with a proud history of twelve centuries. This is why we find here many tourist sites, historical monuments and architectural curiosities classified in the UNESCO world heritage register. We invite you to explore with us the main monuments and sights of the Hungarian capital, its main "calling cards". This primarily means, the Heroes Square, the cave church of St. Istvan, the Hungarian Parliament, the fortress of Buda Var, and Gellert Hill. Most of these high places were built during festivities celebrating the millennium of the State of Hungary. Our itinerary will first take us along the romantic streets of the old town of Buda, and then, to the great boulevards of Pest. These are indeed the two main aspects that characterize the city and form the name of the city today. We will not only delve into the history of the power and influence of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, but we also have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Hungarian cuisine.
Let's start then, and discover the delights of Hungary!
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City: Budapest

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