Urbirun Saint-Petersburg - Highlights


Distance: 10.4km / 6.45mi (*13.2km/8.2mi or *8.4km/5.2mi)
Elevation: flat
Rotation: counterclockwise
Parks/Pedestrian: 4.4km (ca 43%)
Urban constraints: medium

Suggested start: Kazan Cathedral / as any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.

Public transportation: Underground line 2, Nevski prospekt station

Welcome to a city that was created from scratch in 1703, in the middle of a swamp ... but by the passion of a man, Peter-the-Great, this city became amazing, and you can see huge classical palaces and cathedrals reflecting in the waters of the Neva and the canals, or in their ice... All what Europe built, Saint Petersburg wanted it, and built it, with the help of the greatest architects of the time. And renovated it, after this city deeply rooted in history, has experienced the throes of war and Bolshevism under the name of Leningrad.

*Alternative route: 13.2km, with a longest run along the Neva River and exploration of the tiny New Holland Island / 8.4km without the Fortress, staying on the south shore of the Neva river
You'll be able to select between different distances during your run.
NB : if you are unsure, check your position on the map and the track.

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City: Saint Petersburg

Language: EN, FR

Content Provider: urbirun

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