Urbirun Stockholm - Highlights


Distance: 9.25km (5.75mi) short route, without Djugarden / *11.75 (7.3mi) standard route (map) / *16.15km (10.05mi) long route, with long part in Djugarden
Altitude: low
Direction: Clockwise
Parks/pedestrian: ca 6km, 50% (standard route)
Urban constraints: low
Suggested start: Sôdermalmstorg (Södermalm square)
As any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for route rotation direction.

Public transportation: Bus, Stations Räntmästartrappan ou Slüssen T-Bana

Stockholm's essentials, islands and points of view, the maze of the old city and the narrowest street in Sweden, without forgetting the green and quiet Djurgarden island, this route will introduce you to the charms of this trendy and welcoming capital, where the art of good living in harmony with oneself, with others and with nature, seems to be a true philosophy ... Let the charm act...

*Alternative routes: you can run the shortest the route if you don't cross Djugarden Bridge and turn right, before the bridge. You can also add 4.4km to the standard route (all pedestrian in Djugarden park), if you turn left before Djugarden Bridge, and then follow the canal to the 1st bridge. And of course urbirun will guide you, no worries.

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City: Stockholm

Language: FR, EN

Content Provider: urbirun

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