Jerash Walking Tour- Pompei of the Middle East

Ahlan Wasahlan. Welcome to izi TRAVEL’s Jerash Walking Tour. I am Marianne, your local Tour guide. I am a Jordanian from Amman and so delighted to be your izi tour guide. First, let me take you through the geo-political history of Jerash; Located 48 kilometres north of Amman, Jerash lies 570 meters above sea level, surrounded by Gelaad Mountains, on the banks of Wadi Jerash that flows south into the Al Zarqa River.

Now, to political history. The archaeological excavation found evidence of settlement in Jerash starting from the Neolithic age, bronze age and iron age. From then on, it was held by the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, early Muslim, crusades, Mamluk and Ottoman, indicating a continuous inhabitation for several millennia. Jerash as a formal city had its roots in the fourth century BC. Alexander the Great conquered the region in 332 BC, known as Syria, which included the northern part of Jordan, and began establishing colonies throughout the region, signalling the Hellenistic era in Jordan.

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1) Jordan Tourism Board

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