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We will distribute your content to many popular apps and services that are willing to pay for it.
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Distribute your content
We partner with popular apps&services to bring your content to millions of users.
Maps, Navigators, Voice Assistants, Audio Books, etc. You choose which audience deserves your content.
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Control your earnings
Backed thousands of storytellers we negotiate the best revenue share conditions with our clients. You receive full statistics on usage and earnings for every service that uses your content.
We transfer your earnings to your account or run marketing campaign to promote your content.

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Diligent Support
Expect a very personal support.
We are not just your service, we are your Partner.
How do we distribute your content via powerful partners:
We partner with many popular apps&services to bring your content to millions of users. To be specific, we will promote your content via following partners:
  • Maps. Modern maps have billions of users and your tours and museums belong to these products,
  • Navigators. Car manufacturers are looking for new experiences for in-vehicle infotainment systems, and mobile storytelling becomes a "location-based radio" in the car,
  • Voice Assistants. Siri, Alice, Alexa are becoming our daily companions. They talk and they walk, it is natural for them to tell stories as we go around with them,
  • Audio Books and Podcasts are happy to incorporate your stories into their services,
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTA) help us to buy tickets and hotels, and a good overview of guided tours around the destination or a hotel helps to sell
  • Destination Marketing Organisations (DMO) need your stories to present at their web sites to attract more tourists. BTW, they usually support storytellers as well!
  • Hotels more and more sell their services together with experiences around hotels. We help them with cartography widgets which present yo tours and museums in the best way
  • Travel advisers need your content to engage tourists to certain destinations.
  • etc.
You choose which App deserves your content.
This list can go on and on. But you already see how many partners we promote your content to. We will make sure your content is delivered to as many partners as possible. Below you see the current partners, but many more of them are in the pipeline.
We are so happy that you helped us to create this huge database of izi.TRAVEL, so that we can make real business for you and all these partners.

Wanna get more? Help us to help you!
We do promote your content globally. We can promote it to TESLA cars and to Google Assistant. We can promote it to global Hilton hotels network, but we cannot promote it to the local hotel, which is just next to your house.
And here you can play your role!
You can just walk to them and get two things at once:
  1. Promotion. We have lots of promotional materials, which you can suggest to them. Just insert your tour name into the leaflet print it out. You can talk to their receptionist/concierge and help him or her to recommend your free tours when tourists ask for an entertainment.
    If it is a restaurant, they can print the map of the city with your tours on the table paper covers, and waiters will be proud to inform guests that the restaurant has a free guided tour for them to enjoy after the lunch, and even provides free Wifi to download the tour while at the restaurant.
  2. Get supported. Hotels and restaurants do not mind to bring something valuable to their guests. Production of mobile guided tours does not cost much, and several restaurants and hotels can easily split the bill.
Please check out our promotional materials and video and try it out! Thanks to your participation, izi.TRAVEL became a global leader, and now you can enjoy it.
Why do we promote your content?
Since we have started the izi.TRAVEL platform, thousands of content providers – just like you – uploaded millions of stories.
We see the growing success of the platform and now we would like to fulfill our promise to you and deliver your content to as many apps and services as possible.
They all have different products philosophies, and different monetisation models. It requires a lot of work from us on matching your content and their products and, of course, some permissions from you to make your content work throughout the complete value chain. We also would like to engage you in more active promotion of your content, together with us.
We have designed this web site to help you to help us to make your content work.
Basic principles
License Terms&Conditions
  1. Through offering its Services the izi Distribution Services bv provides museums, city marketing and other content providers with services to distribute city or museum audio guides independently. We would like to complement the existing izi.TRAVEL platform (which helps you to create and publish tours) with a powerful tools and services to promote your stories via advanced channels, like travel apps and services, voice assistants, car infotainment, etc.
  2. The Services are offered to the content provider free of charge.
  3. For the end-users, the content can either be free of charge or require payment. The decision on whether the content is free of charge or requires payment is made by the content provider and/or Content Channel Partner. In the case of content that requires payment, the earnings will be split between the content provider, izi Distribution Services, the Content Channel Partner and publisher (e.g. izi.TRAVEL).
  4. The content provider has full control over the content: 1) the copyright of the content belongs entirely to the content provider; 2) the content provider can add, edit or remove content at any point.
  5. The content provider is entirely responsible for the content (IP rights, reliability of the information, third party rights violations, discrimination, etc.). izi Distribution Services is not responsible for any possible complaints that may arise from third parties concerning the content.
  6. izi Distribution Services has the right to moderate the content, by: 1) blocking access, if a violation of third party or government rights is discovered; 2) recommending that the content provider should adjust the content, if factual imprecision's or mistakes are discovered.
  7. izi Distribution Service has right to use and reproduce your Content worldwide, including reformat and/or use the Content for purposes of developing, producing, and enhancing the Database (e.g. on request of specifc Content Channel Partners);
  8. izi Distribution Services and its content channel partners have the right to mention the content provider's name or brand, and use the content provider's logo, on commercial material (websites, brochures, presentations, etc.) distributed among their clients.
  9. The License terms for using the Service may be changed periodically by izi Distribution Services. Users will be informed about any significant changes that are made to this document. The user's continued use of the Service implies its agreement with those changes.
  10. izi Distribution Services cannot be held liable for the possible malfunctioning of the Service, but agrees to make maximum efforts to prevent and rectify such malfunctions.
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How it works
Since 2011 izi.TRAVEL provided free service for creation of audio tours. Since then, thousands of creative authors from around the world have published over 15,000 audio guides for museum and city walks in 3500 cities of 110 countries in 70 languages. These stories are real treasure!
That's why they becoming more and more demanded by other services and applications.

izi Distribution Services bv is an official partner of izi.TRAVEL and established by its founders. We focus on technical and organisational solutions for spreading storytelling content published on izi.TRAVEL via relevant Apps and Services.
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